Meet The Staff: GamerChris

Doctor: Dr. Cox from Scrubs
Name: GamerChris
Real Name: Chris (Big shocker there…)
Age: 17
Job: Student
AIM: gamerchris17

Favorite Genres of Game: First person shooters, Fighting, Platforming, Rythmn based (DDR and Guitar Hero rock my face off), Tetris (Because it’s so awesome it deserves it’s own genre)
Favorite Game of the Moment: Final Fantasy VII
Favorite Game EVER: Any and every form of Tetris
First Game EVER: Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt
Currently Playing: Tetris Party (WiiWare)

*Edits anime stuff out and replaces with film and tv since I’m not a big anime guy…*

Favorite Film Genres: Mainly action and comedy, but I like a bit of everything
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction/Clerks
Favorite TV Shows House, Friends, Scrubs, Top Gear, Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Currently Watching: House Season 2

I’m Chris, I’m at Sixth Form (College-type place) where I’m learning Media Studies, Psycology and English Language. I spend most of my time playing video games, watching DVDs and browsing the internet.

I also run a webcomic which I continuously plug, called Badly Drawn Penguins, you can find it Here

Also have a YouTube series called Ranting and Raving. You can find it and my other videos Here

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  1. Top Gear is a great Car Show, it’s probably because of Richard Hammond and his presentation style

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