Meet The Staff: Alpha


Name: Alpha
Nurse: Kyoko from Rival Schools
Real Name: Dustin
Age: 23
Job: Editor for HealingTouch
AIM: Furiacreativita

Favorite Genres of Game: Shmups, Rpg’s, sidescrollers, adventure, beat em ups, 2d fighting, Karnov
Favorite Game at the Moment: Ikaruga
Favorite Game: Link’s Awakening
First Game: Pong
Currently Playing: Ikaruga, Guitar Hero III, GTA IV, M.U.S.H.A

Brief Bio:
I’ve been addicted to the internet for about a good 2 years now. It all started at I joined the forum under the name of ‘Furia’. I met alot of great people online, and I soon branched out to other sites and forums over the next few years. I eventually got into writing seriously just in an attempt to get an article featured on the front page of D-toid. I accomplished that small goal, and I’ve been hooked since. I go by Alpha here, Zulu at D-toid, and Furia everywhere else.

Social Networking:

Post Archive: Alpha’s Posts


  1. Real Name: Furia
    Job: LIAR!


  2. lols

  3. Merry XMAS mah boi

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