Meet The Outpatients: Goldman

Doctor: Unknown doctor from Theme Hospital( i call him Skippy^^)
Name: Goldman
Real Name: Javier
Age: 17
Job: student just for 1 more year!
AIM: nonexistent for now
E-mail: (yeah, i’m sooo original)

Favorites Genres of games: it’s a fight between RPG and fighting… though rpg keeps winning because of the suckage of 3d fighting games… yet RPG looses every time i think about any final fantasy after 7
Favorite game at the moment: Chrono Trigger!
Favorite game EVER: Chrono Trigger!(ya it’s that good)
First game EVER: dunno if it’s super Mario bros. or a strange version of tetris
Currently playing: Warriors Orochi(ugh…), Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasy 5, Metal Gear Solid 2(soon to be followed by 3) shadow of the colossus, Onimusha 3

*takes the shame and writes all he knows about anime in these next lines*

Favorite genres of anime: Comedy, Fighting?
Favorite anime at the moment: huh?
Favorite anime EVER: dunno, it’s a tie between Dragon ball and shaman king(the first because it’s my childhood, the second because it was funny)
First anime EVER: Dragon ball
Currently watching: my pc screen

Brief Bio:
so, what can i write here?
i like to play games but where i live i can’t get any next-gen console nor original games, so i’m limited to play copies on my modded ps2…
yay for 3rd world countries!
so, well, that’s pretty much it.
btw, i liek the PCz

i would post a link to my posts on the blog but i suck and i don’t know how to


  1. Don’t worry Goldman you will be a doctor soon enough. So I am gonna root for you. YEAH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOLDMAN!

  2. lolwut?

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