Meet The Staff: Kaiserhawk

Doctor: Apothecary from Warhammer 40K, specifically from the game Dawn of
Name: Kaiserhawk
Real Name: Sir Gary John MacKiggan the 1st.
Age: 19
Job: Writer, gamer, Student, Clerks, Suprahero
AIM: Kaiserhawk16

Favorite Genres of Game: Action, Adventure, RTS, Simulations, Survival Horror, RPG (Western not JRPGs)
Favorite Game of the Moment:Castle Crashers

Favorite Game EVER: Fallout 2
First Game EVER: Jungle Strike
Currently Playing: Notting mon. Yeah it’s somewhat of a bad dry spell at the moment…last new game I played was Warhammer: Battle March and it sent me into convultions. Nasty stuff.

*Edits anime stuff since I’m not a big anime guy…*

Brief Bio:
Hey guys Kaiserhawk here writing a short little paragraph about little old me. Well first off I’m one of the few European staff members coming from Britain, Scotland to be pedantic. I try to bring my sophisticated wit and charm that you may know my people for to try even out the droll and dull wit of the rest of the American staff. My main interests are Movies, Games, Comics ect. I fancy myself a writer but all I have ever really done are small blogs and essays, but everytime I write an article or essay I strive to become better with each article in my growing collection. I don’t like to pick one topic and focus on that, if I played a game I liked I will talk about it. I also play on Xbox Live, my gamertag is Kaiserhawk so hit me up if you want.

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  1. Your reviews are very professional, and I enjoy reading them when they’re released…

    (i know its cheesy to say that, but Link is falling behind on this “Staff Evaluations”)

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