Feature: The Diagnosis / Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery Podcast

NEWS FLASH: Diagnosis and Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery

will Merge and form a new podcast…


Diagnosis is the Video Game News Pundit that takes no prisoners when it comes to Video Games,

HassMD tells it like it is, even though he never actually plays some of these games.

Episode 101: Brawl For All

In the pilot episode, HassMD discusses how Super Smash Brothers is highly overrated before the game even came out.

Guest: none

Episode 102: Screwed on Tight

In the 2nd Episode, Controversy happens at ScrewAttack as Handsome Tom and Stuttering Craig go their separate ways… HassMD decides to tell the TRUTH on what happened…

Guest: none, but 10 minutes of Stuttering Craig

Episode 103: No More Quiznos

More Gaming News comes by, and HassMD gets a guest finally…

Guest: The Bastard Gamer

Episode 104: The Weakest Link

Series Finale, HassMD meets his match, and decides to leave on a happy note.

Guest: Link

Episode 201: Mean, Median, and Mode

Mr Mean joins the Hasspital, for some “random exciting stuff”, no more gaming news, just randomness…

Guest:  Mr. Mean?

Episode 202: BACK 2 SCHOOL

MrMean joins the fun again, along with 2 other exciting guests.

Guest(s): RayJay, ACP94

miracle surgery

Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery is the pseudo-Anime Equivalent of Diagnosis hosted by HassMD’s rival, Link.

This series is famous for its “What is the background music” contest, that nobody wins at. Additionally, the episode synopsis has absolutely nothing to do with the actual episode or podcast. Enjoy the anime cliche ridden creative writing.

Episode 1

The pilot episode, as Link pilots a gundam into the mysterious island of the cherry blossoms in search of the man of infinite wishes.

Guest: None

Episode 2

After a flashback involving a chase scene on a roof, Link fights against his Evil Twin Brother with golden baseball bats, guest starring Crispin Freeman* as the voice inside his head. Prepare for a podcast longer than the explosion of Planet Namek. *not really

Guest: kawaiininjakat

Episode 3

After the destruction of planet namek, Link switches out his Gundam for a Valkyrie, because Macross > Gundam. He then goes head to head with his inner demons that have manifested themselves as a dark ‘evil’ doppelganger version of himself. Will Link survive? Listen to find out!

Guest: Nurse Joy

Episode 4

Many months later in the distant future, this podcast is recovered from the wreckage of a Valkyrie. What fate awaits Link and his mysterious co-host and guest stars? The world may never know.

Guest: OtakuDad and GamerChris

The Dreamcast Zone is brought to you by Dreamcast fanatic RayJay, who looks at everything Dreamcast. Find more posts about guy and more at his blog here.

Episode 1 (Video):  Ad Me

In this first episode of The Dreamcast Zone, RayJay looks at some of the Dreamcast ads.

Episode 2: Halloween Edition

In this Halloween episode of The Dreamcast Zone, RayJay looks at some of the scarier games that were made for the Dreamcast.

Episode 3: Back and Revamped!

After a long wait, RayJay is back with a revamp ‘cast.

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