Feature: The Bastard Gamer

The Bastard Gamer. A Irish American gamer plays the role of a Canadian-American gamer who likes to blow his load all over the web. He’s not just another ripoff of a famous angry game reviewer on the web, he tells his viewers what games are awesome and what games to avoid. He tells it like it is and is immune to fanboys, fanmail, and fan-criticism.

Episodes (listed from newest on the top):

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3

Captain Planet

The Bastard Gamer Movie part 1 and part 2
Mortal Kombat series
Street Fighter series
Magic the Gathering
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
King of Fighters XI
Beavis and Butthead
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime featuring Awful Anime Guy
ITT Tech Game Night
Action 52 (Genesis)
Evolution of Kombat part 1 and 2
Mortal Kombat Gold
Project Justice
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Tech Romancer
The Adventures of Bayou Billy
Monster Rancher 2
Cheetahmen games starring Krazy Karl
Sega Dreamcast with Bloopers
Namco X Capcom
Dragon Warrior III


  1. This is my favorite review shows, simply because it pokes fun of itself just as much as it does the games.

  2. Thanks for accepting my request your Badass Bastard :)

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