Feature: Sunday Comics

GamerChris and Panteraftw join forces to bring you a new comic strip! It contains various works by the two artists, including Badly Drawn Penguins and Panteraftw’s Comics.

From Humble Beginnings- Panteraftw:

Pantera Makes a Comic

Panteraftw Comics #1

Panteraftw Comics #2

Panteraftw Comics Comeback

Original Projects Resurface – GamerChris:

Badly Drawn Penguins

A Partnership is Made:

You’d Be Surprised

What a Partnership

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover


And now presenting OD’s Garry’s Mod comic! “FYI: You Suck At Left 4 Dead”

Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3

Issue #4

Issue #5

Issue #6

Issue #7

Issue #8

Issue #9

Issue #10

Issue #11

Issue #12

Issue #13

Issue #14


EggmanAvatar1.png picture by awesomethehedgehog

ATH’s new comic series: Ninja Joe is here! Featuring the on-going adventures of Joe, an accident-prone ninja who struggles to deal with life’s extremely inplausable situations.

Season One:

#1: Live Free Or Play Hard – Sept ’08

#2: The Dark Knoob – Oct ’08

#3: Mocky – Nov ’08

#4: Mall Of The Dead – Dec ’08

#5: Whatmen? Part I – Aug ’09

Season Two:

#6: Whatmen? Part II – Sept ’09


  1. MOAR! I demand More!

  2. Nice of you to add Alison and completely forget me…again. :/

  3. ATH, I’m waiting on your updates for your comic, right now there’s like… a page or two. Alison’s is on a weekly basis. Give me more meat to add to the section, and/or a title card (draw one up) and we’ll get you a section on here.

  4. Okay, can we just get this straight. I don’t do one page comics, I do FULL issues, the process is a hell of a lot longer, obviously. I can’t release something every week! I’d need a month or two at best and did you just forget J-Man? Okay, yeah I know I didn’t fully commit to that series, but I can still come back to it. I’m just offended by your “meat” term, as if I hadn’t done enough. :/

  5. Relax, Awesome. PM me the links to J-Man and take your time on your current work. You will be fairly represented. Swearsies.

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