Feature: Clinically Wiitarded

Welcome to Clinically Wiitarded. This feature originally started as a private blog by Link, and developed into a feature for HealingTouch. It is an unbiased view of a Wii owner (Link primarily.) You will find all sorts of reviews on unappreciated or even overrated games, everything will be treated fairly and all the Nintendo Fanboy bias is going to be left at the door. Get ready to take a look at Nintendo through the eyes of an average, perhaps even casual, Nintendo gamer.

Article Listing

Game Reviews:

Metroid Prime 3Review of the last of the “Prime” series. Written by Mr.Death

No More Heroes – A double review of Suda 51’s newest game. Written by both Link and OD

Red Steel – Review of the original FPS launch title for the Wii. Written by Link

Wii Channels:

Everybody Votes – This article is not about forum polls. It’s about Wii polls. Written by Link

Retro Reviews:

ActRaiser – Review of the classic SNES game’s Virtual Console release. Written by Link

Ninja Gaiden – Review of the classic NES game’s Virtual Console release. Written by Mr. Death

Wii Ware:

Lost Winds – Review of the wind controlling Wii Ware game. Written by Awesome the Hedgehog.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As a King. Written by FBIRobby

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