Feature: Anime Blitzkrieg

Welcome to Anime Blitzkrieg. The premise of these articles will to give you some detailed yet brief, information about various anime series. Usually we will watch an episode or two of a series, write a mini-review, and let you know what you’re getting into. If a series is really worth following, we’ll continue to review the series episode by episode, which should hopefully provoke some discussion on the blog or even the forums about the series and/or episodes in question.

Article Listing:

Pure White Lover Bizarre JellyDetailed summary of No More Heroes’ fictional Magical Girl Mecha anime. – Written by Link

Kaiji (The Suffering Pariah)Episode 1 run through of the anime where men have huge noses and cry all the time! ZAWA ZAWA! – Written by Link

S-Cry-EdSummary of the alter summoning high-paced action series staring Kazuya (It’s Kazuma!) – Written by OD

Hellsing Ultimate – Quick overview of the manga adaption of Hellsing- Written by OD

Goshuusho-sama Ninomiya Kun – Small summary of the lesbian, succubus anime – Written by OD

Speed Grapher – An anime with an interesting plot and even more interesting characters – Written by OD

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